The Unknown is Not an Option

The balanced social structure of Aboud village that is inhabited by Christians and Muslims was drastically shaken by Occupation, political parties and rabid modern changes. Life is never the same as it used to be.



The film talk about zaki fellahi or ZAK he is 26 years old he influenced by rock and metal music , and he growing up with that music he has created a rock band with his friends, and how the socite see this kind of people, specialy this style of the music it deosn’t accepted it.


Two Sides One Coin

A group of Muslim and Christian girls, trying to explore the history and the reality of their village, which is equally inhabited by Christians and Muslims over hundreds of years. How they lived and how they continued to live together?



The story of the movie is about a person " abdulah "and he's from the third generation of the Algerian immigrants who were born in France , but he couldn't cope with the French community with his wife because of their Islamic look ( she wears a scarf and he was bearded ) so the French community didn't welcome their identity especially his wife who suffered from racism and islamophobia and many kinds of cursing , so abdulah decided to return to his motherland Algeria trying to find a job so he can settle down to be joined with his wife and children to continue their lives away from the pressure free from all the judgments.


Working immigrants in Malta

Some 18.000 foreigners are working in Malta. Who are they? Who are the people behind the figures? Meet Peter Brobeck, a Scandinavian immigrant, and Shaba Eto, an African immigrant. Both share their stories.


Busking In Thessaloniki

The film documentary named “Busking In Thessaloniki” is a different view of the buskers in Thessaloniki and especially a different view of street musicians. Is the road an open art festival? Does it produce art? Are the musicians beggars? Is the racism a real problem for the street musician? Is the state helper or enemy? This documentary tries to answer these questions and show the other side of the road. The colorful side. Simos and his dog, Cassetta, Yuri the Bulgarian musician and the Ananas Band talk about the attitude of the people who pass in front of them every day, about the legal status, the racism against the foreign musicians, the job’s difficulties, the beauty of playing music inthe street, the different between playing music in the street an playing in a music stage.