Arcadian Screenings returns for the 5th year

The International Film Festival organizes its 5th presentation, which will take place from 21 to 25 February in Arcadia.

The 5th Festival is expected to shake its audience with its wide range of topics and special content. Topics such as History, Memory, the Environment and Human Rights will be highlighted through special tributes. Films from around the world that have been nominated and awarded will be a central feature during the Festival. Movies from Norway, Sweden, Israel, France and the US will flood theaters, sparking strong emotions among viewers. Their own screening time will have films from the collection of Home New Home, the international refugee cultural action.

The honorable face of this year's Festival is the director and screenwriter of the Greek cinema Stavros Tsiolis. With background the Arcadia, the director's home country, viewers will have the opportunity to watch and enjoy the artist's films that showcase his distinctive talent, reflection and humor: "Please Womens Don’t Cry", "Love in Hurmadia" , "About Vassili", "As perimenoun oi gunaikes".

Screenings will take place in the CineVille cinema and the Malliaropoulio Theater, with free entrance in the morning and afternoon. Screenings will take place in the halls of Megalopoli and Dimitsana.